Visiting rice fields in Bali is one of the must-sees for travellers visiting the island. As rice paddies in Bali are part of the local heritage, some say that the real Bali can be found in best rice field in Bali. Here are the 5 popular rice fields in Bali you should’t missed.

  1. Jatiluwih

As one of the most famous rice paddies in Bali, Jatiluwih is also recognised UNESCO World Heritage site. The rice terraces slopes down in over 600 hectares land following the hillside topography and is still using the Balinese traditional irrigation system, ‘Subak’. Located 50Km from Denpasar, you can reach it within 1.5-2 hours by car. It requires visitors to pay small fees to enter the main area, and the fees go to the local village cooperative funds.

jatiluwih rice terrace

  1. Tegalalang

Another popular and best rice fiend in Bali is Tegalalang – 9 Km from Ubud – which is also a popular stopover when you are heading to Central Bali. Becoming more ‘touristy’, Tegalalang has some restaurants built in the area for coffee or local cuisines with views of the stunning rice paddies. However, this rice field is probably the most popular site for rice field photography in Bali.

tegalalang rice terrace

  1. Rendang

In Eastern Bali close to Sidemen, we have Rendang as one of the best rice field in Bali, providing scenic countryside view but with fewer travelers. In the attractive mountain village of Karangasem, Rendang also shares the rice fields and river with Telaga Waja, one of Bali’s popular white water rafting rapids.

rendang rice terrace

  1. Pupuan

Nearby the area of Jatiluwih, Pupuan farming village presents the beautiful rice paddies in Bali, along with cocoa, coffee, and clove plantations. Off the main road, there are some hidden temple and waterfalls in the tropical forest.

  1. Munduk

In the Northern Bali, Munduk region features one of the best rice field in Bali, along with scenic waterfalls in the neighbourhood. Due to its variety of natural attractions, it becomes well-known destination for nature walks and village cycling tours.

Among numerous rice paddies in Bali, you can start with the best rice field in Bali listed above.