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Trunyan Village - Exotique Activities

As one of the oldest villages, Trunyan Bali has a unique and very traditional daily life from the rest of the Bali Island. It is also known as the home for Bali Aga people, the mountain Balinese people. This Trunyan Bali itself is located in the eastern shore of Batur Lake, Kintamani Regency Bali, which […]

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Besakih Temple - Exotique Activities

Besides the “Island of Gods”, Bali tropical island is also well-known as the “Island of a Thousand Temples” due to numerous Hindu temples situated on the island. Since most visitors won’t have the chance to visit all the thousands of temples, you can contact any tour operator for Bali temple tour. Here are the 8 […]

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5 ways to experience Nyepi Like a Local Melasti

       When people asked me about things to do during Nyepi in Bali, well actually there’s nothing you can do. “Nyepi” comes from the word “sepi” which mean quiet, literally no activities at all. No lights, no airport activities, no working activities, no party, no activities outside the house in every corner of […]

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